Canada’s Smartest Person Junior is…

Posted on Dec 19, 2018

After six weeks, the finale came down to one do or die battle between six amazing competitors. Besides needing to figure out who won, it also left us with one major question: What’s it like to be inside a human popcorn machine?

Can you guess who went home with the coveted title? Read on for all the scoop.

What’s a finale without celeb appearances and a little drama?

Super-famous and super-talented KRNFX stopped by to lend his beatboxing skills to a challenge.

And very special CBC guest Peter Mansbridge stopped by to share some very silly news, but it was no laughing matter for our competitors.

Or maybe it was…

Then the final three faced off in a little something called Concession Conundrum AKA a human popcorn machine! Would you be able to catch all the colourful balls? As our host Paul says, “It’s like trying to catch a snowflake in a snowstorm in there.”

It all led up to the final two earning a spot in the super gauntlet. But what does a super gauntlet even mean??? It turns out it’s an an obstacle course that has no equal.

Mateus and Alexia walked confidently into that final challenge. Pretty epic, right?

Spoiler alert!

The first ever Canada’s Smartest Person Junior is Mateus!

A huge congrats to all of the competitors for making it so far and showing the whole country their smarts!

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