4 extreme games for your holiday party (if you dare)

The holiday season is a great time to bond with family and friends! And what better way to bond than some friendly competition? 

We've come up with some crazy challenges for CSP LIVE (catch the final show, Wed. Nov 14 at 8 p.m. on the Canada's Smartest Person Facebook page!). 

If you don't mind a bit of mess and a lot of fun, you can try these extreme challenges at home. Play, if you dare!

Wine Weights

Wine Weights may look like straight fun, but it's actually a physical challenge that requires strength, stability and balance. This particular challenge also requires that competitors keep their left and right sides aligned.

two competitors hold wine glasses

Bring the fun home with these step-by-step instructions.

You will need:

  • 4 wine glasses (the bigger the better: we used novelty glasses that hold an entire bottle of wine)
  • wine (or whatever liquid you want. Just make sure you have enough to fill all the glasses)
  • 2 resistance bands with handles
  • dropcloth
  • 2 protective garmets (anything that will keep your clothes clean: aprons, painters suits, smocks, ponchos, etc.)


1. Set up your drop cloth. Make sure to cover a large area — this challenge makes a mess!

2. Get your competitors suited up.

3. Place a glass in each competitor's hand — they'll need to have their palms face up and hold the glass by the base.

4. Slip the handles of the resistance bands over competitors hands (underneath the wine glass). The band should hang in a "u" shape. 

5. Now, the competitors must step onto the resistance bands, increasing the tension on the bands.

6. Get your competitors to raise their hands so their arms are bent at a 90° angle.

7. Fill the glasses with wine.

Now — watch and wait! If your competitors seem too comfortable, get them to move their feet further apart (increasing the tension on the resistance bands). 

Who can fight the force of gravity and the pressure of resistance band to hold their wine glasses up the longest? 

The first person to drop their glasses loses. 

Fork 'n' Spoon

Most of us are used to using out hands to move stuff around. This physical challenge tests your motor skills and stamina with a variation on the CSP LIVE Fork 'n' Spoon challenge

Two competitors try to pile food on scales without using their hands

The goal is to move a certain amount of food into a container before your opponent, without using your hands. Here's how to play.

You will need:

  • 2 bowls of cooked cooked spaghetti in a bowl
  • 2 bowls with 6 apples each, filled with water  
  • dropcloth
  • 2 scales 
  • 2 empty bowls


1. Set up your drop cloth. Make sure to cover a large area – this challenge makes a mess. 

2. Have bowls with spaghetti and apples ready for each competitor. 

3. Set up two scales with an empty bowl on each.   

4. Get your competitors ready!

5. Each competitor must move spagetti and/or apples into the bowl on the scale. The firs person to fill their container to 1 kilogram (or whatever weight you choose) wins! 

Glitter Bomb

Believe it or not, the New Year is almost here! If you're prepping a party to ring in the fun – you may want to try this game.

A balloon full of glitter pops on a woman

This Glitter Bomb challenge tests your physical smarts and requires strength, endurance and strategy. The goal is to pop a glitter-filled balloon over the opponent! Here's how to play.

You will need:

  • dropcloth
  • 2 large balloons
  • lots of glitter
  • 2 pairs of goggles
  • 2 bicycle pumps
  • plastic tubing to connect the bicycle pumps to the balloon 


1. Set up your drop cloth. Make sure to cover a large area – this challenge makes a mess! You may also want to have a vacuum on standby.

2. Fill balloons with glitter. 

3. Once the balloons are filled with glitter, attach one end of the plastic tubing to the balloon and the other end to the bicycle pump.

4. Figure out a way to hang the balloons above the competitors heads (the balloon should be above the opposite contestant's head).   

4. Get your competitors ready!

5. One each competitor is suited up with their goggles on, the challenge begins! Competitors must pump up their balloon as fast as they can. Watch and see who's balloon pops first. The first person to be showered in glitter loses! 

You Got Served

How good are you at balancing objects? Try out our physical smarts challenge You Got Seved!

This challenge tests your endurance and strength. The goal is to balance as many holiday treats as possible on a tray on one hand. Other party guests choose which treats each competitor must put on their tray. Here's how you play. 

two competitors balance trays

You will need:

  • holiday treats (candy canes, egg nog, clementines, yams, etc.) The more treats the better!
  • table
  • 2 aprons
  • 2 trays 
  • dropcloth 


1. Set up your drop cloth over a large area. 

2. Have all your holiday treats laid out on a table. 

3. Get the competitors ready. The audience votes for which items should be put on the tray, in which order. Competitors place the items on their own trays. 

The person who drops their tray first loses! 

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