Catching Up With Braden Lauer

We catch up with season one winner, Braden Lauer, to see what life's been like since being crowned Canada's Smartest Person.

Episode 1: Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes and get a sneak peek on what's coming up on the first episode of Canada's Smartest Person!

Episode 3: Behind the Scenes

A new episode of Canada's Smartest Person airs this week with special guest: Perez Hilton! Take a look as we go behind the scenes with the competitors, some models, Perez and Jessi

Meet the Episode 3 Competitors!

A neuroscience student, detective constable, wine maker, and sales rep are all vying for the title of Canada's Smartest Person.

Perez Hilton: Guest Judge

What makes a great Tweet? We pick the brain of celebrity blogger Perez Hilton to answer that question.

Jessi meets Alan Thicke

Jessi Cruickshank meets comedy legend Alan Thicke for the first time behind the scenes of Canada's Smartest Person.

Alan Thicke: Special Guest

Comedy legend Alan Thicke takes his place in the Human Lie Detector to see if he can stump our competitors,and you at home with some truths and lies.

Episode 4: Behind the Scenes

Take a look behind the scenes on Episode 4 with our competitors Katy, Neila, Petros and Andrew. Plus, Alan Thicke takes on the Human Lie Detector.

Meet the Episode 5 Competitors

A car salesman, music therapist, beer hawker and IT security executive all go head-to-head to see who will earn a spot in the Canada's Smartest Person season finale.

Episode 5: Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes with the competitors, Jessi and our special guest judges (Sean O'Neill and Steve Patterson) on episode 5 of Canada's Smartest Person.

Meet the Episode 6 Competitors

A BC Lion, a project manager, a bassoonist, and a PhD student take on six revealing intelligence tests to vie for the title of Canada's Smartest Person

Dan Levy: Guest Judge

Dan Levy (Schitts Creek) reunites with his former Aftershow co-host, Jessi Cruickshank, this week on Canada's Smartest Person! How does he really feel about his former co-host?

Episode 6: Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes of this week's Smartest Person with Dan Levy, our competitors, Jessi and a special appearance from former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford?

Meet the Episode 7 Competitors

A matchmaker, insurance broker, tax collector and high school teacher go Head2Head to claim the final spot in the season finale!

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