participant Tristan

About Tristan

Registered Nurse from Mississauga, ON

A mother of three and full time nurse, Tristan is truly the Queen of Multitasking! After having three children and being a stay at home mom for nine years, she decided to go back to school and get her nursing degree. While it was a huge challenge she ended up receiving several scholarships and awards throughout her post secondary education including winning the President’s Medal awarded by the Dean and faculty. Tristan now works as a Cardiac Nurse and knows the power of being with people on the best and worst day of their lives.

Tristan knows how to work under pressure, putting in tough 12-hour days, but her killer sense of humor helps her through. In her spare time, Tristan adores gardening and home renovations and will jump on any opportunity she can find for public speaking. She is fiercely competitive and enjoys annihilating her children in a game of Monopoly.

Tristan wants to lead by example to show her kids that they can do absolutely anything they set their minds to. Her competitive streak means she also can’t wait to proudly proclaim herself Canada's Smartest Person!