participant Stephanie

About Stephanie

30, Pro Gamer from Quebec City, QC

Stephanie is better known as “missharvey” in the gaming community, where she has built her career as one of the best female gamers to ever use a keyboard and mouse. The female world-champion in the video game Counter-Strike five times over, she is now part of an LA-based video game team that trains and competes worldwide. Her talent has even landed her on the Forbes “30 under 30” list!

Don’t assume this quick-reflexed lady is just a game player; she holds a BA in Architecture from Laval University and a Post Graduate Diploma (DESS) in Video Game Design from the University of Montreal.

The gaming world is tough on women, but Stephanie knows how to tune out the chatter and keep her eye on the prize. She will bring this focused competitiveness to the Canada’s Smartest Person studio as well – watch out!