participant Ryan

About Ryan

31, Millennial Consultant, Toronto, ON

With an honours degree in Aerospace Engineering it would have been safe to assume that Ryan was on track for a successful career in that field. While he still has a passion for the subject, and two pilots licenses to boot, Ryan’s entrepreneurial spirit took him down another avenue when he noticed a missing link in the corporate world. He identified a need within organizations for guidance as they try to bridge the gap between the baby boomers who ran the companies and the millennial tech generation that were now working there or were soon to be their consumer base. Hence his career as a Millennial

Consultant, working with companies to bridge the gap between generations. In his free time, Ryan’s interests are diverse. Passionate about personal development, he has his skydiving license, loves improv and has published his first book. He was even an MC of the Toronto Pan Am Games in 2015. Ryan’s fearless pursuit of anything that piques his interest is a key reason he could become a major obstacle to his competition.