participant Melissa

About Melissa

25 Arborist from Mississauga, ON

Melissa has physical smarts in spades, having placed first in her event at the Ontario Lumberjack Championships, and now she wants to prove that she can chop down the competition with her smarts as well. In the male-dominated profession of forestry she’s constantly battling the industry’s old-school mentality. She spends her days courting danger, using her physical intelligence as well as her knowledge of physics, to climb “danger trees” - the ones overhanging a steep decline, or dead trees - to make the community safer.

When she gets off after a physically demanding day, you can find Melissa at an open mic night in town, playing her guitar and singing. She also volunteers as an Environmental Teacher, educating different age groups about trees and the environment.

Melissa’s chosen career is hard work physically and mentally, with constant risk assessment so Canada’s Smartest Person might just be her idea of a walk in the park!