participant Maria

About Maria

33, National Team Rugby Player from Calgary, AB

Maria, a member of the Canadian National women’s rugby team, is one of Canada’s elite athletes. She joined the team in 2011, and was named Player of the Year the following year. While she has had to endure her share of injuries, undergoing six knee and two shoulder surgeries, she is always regained her spot on the National team.

Maria is also a passionate sports advocate, with the primary goal of promoting sport to young people and ensuring the women’s programs are given equal opportunity and resources. Maria matches her strength with smarts. She graduated top of her program from McGill University, and received academic scholarships throughout her studies. Outside of her intense training and competition schedule, Maria is a Commercial Advisor for Imperial Oil, even though it’s rare for an athlete at her level to also hold an extensive full time job.

With her physical abilities and sharp mind, Maria is a true competitor in every sense of the word, so the others vying for the Canada’s Smartest Person title better watch out!