participant Jennifer

About Jennifer

33, Copywriter from St. Phillips, NF

Unique is an understatement when it comes to Jennifer – she’s truly one of a kind. A poet, qualified shop teacher, opera singer, weight lifter, copywriter and mom, Jenn is as multi- faceted as they come. After becoming a single mother at 19, she focused on finishing her university degree and is proud to act as an example to her daughter that embracing your own differences can lead to a fulfilling, exciting life.

She believes that personal expression and creativity are key, and revels in one of her own creative outlets, dressing up in character for cosplay. She even designs and constructs her own costumes! While the poetry, opera and fashion talents may paint Jenn in a purely creative light, her physical prowess is strong, as she practices yoga, running and weightlifting. She has even participated in fitness competitions.

Her colourful hair, zany wardrobe and sunny smile will certainly bring some levity to the proceedings at Canada’s Smartest Person, but Jenn isn’t going to be there to goof around – she has her eyes on the prize.