participant Darryl

About Darryl

43, Neuroscientist from Lethbridge, Alberta

Based on his career it would surprise many to learn that Darryl was a high school dropout! He spent his formative years after leaving school working in restaurants, eventually working his way up to running kitchens as a chef. At 29, disenchanted with the restaurant lifestyle, he returned to school to complete his diploma, following that with a Bachelor of Science in 2009, his Masters in 2011 and is mere months away from being PhD certified.

Now a full time neuroscientist, Darryl is also an accomplished athlete, at one point competing in the punishing world of Mixed Martial Arts. While he loved the sport, he gave it up for his wife and two daughters, knowing they wouldn’t be happy seeing him with the injuries that inevitably go along with cage fighting.

With a fascinating life journey, advanced scientific intelligence and strong physical talents, Darryl has everything it takes to make a big impression on the Canada’s Smartest Person stage.