participant Christine

About Christine

36, Makeup Artist from Toronto, ON

A talented makeup artist, Christine is often called upon to appear on national television shows as one of Canada’s leading beauty experts. It may seem like a profession that is all about the surface, but Christine is first and foremost an entrepreneur who has worked hard to develop her great reputation within the industry. She also has developed strong social intelligence along the way, often acting as a listening ear and source of guidance for the people in her makeup chair.

A strong student throughout her education, Christine credits her family’s focus on humility and the importance they placed on learning for her own hard-working attitude. She applies that same drive to her recreational pursuits, taking every chance she can to travel the world, and throwing herself into developing new skills like salsa dancing, which she loves for its combination of physical challenge and social outlet.

Christine may be an artist, but her competition should watch out for this logical businesswoman’s determined approach to everything she takes on!