participant Chris

About Chris

54, Innkeeper from Round Hill, NS

Chris’ life story is the perfect example of the rewards that can be found when you leave behind one way of life to follow a path you never planned for. At one point living a typical suburban life as an air traffic controller and business owner, he and his wife took a giant leap of faith into the unknown to become innkeepers. This has lead to incredible adventures around the world as they operated inns and resorts throughout North America, the Caribbean and even Italy!

While travel and hospitality are his passions, Chris’ knowledge as a businessman gives him a strong grounding in the logical, always looking after the bottom line of his businesses. The adventurous part of his personality leads him to constantly try new things and explains two of his favourite activities; bungee jumping and hiking. Chris’ life policy is that if something is fun it’s worth doing, and what could be more fun than taking home the title of Canada's Smartest Person?