participant Brittain

About Brittain

30, Mechanic from Minto, New Brunswick

Brittain is a goofy, friendly dad from the East Coast. After studying to become a corrections officer, he decided to change gears to pursue a career as a mechanic despite no training in the field. He rose to be one of the top-performing members of his graduating class with some of his College’s highest grades.

Being a hands-on dad to his young daughter means most of Brittain’s downtime is spent reading with her and occasionally playing with My Little Ponies. When he gets the chance he loves to camp and spend time outdoors with his family.

Brittain believes that the trades are currently underemphasized in the education system. He hopes that by a mechanic appearing, and maybe even winning, on Canada’s Smartest Person, he can help show that people who choose careers in the trades are smart!