5 careers you could dominate with your physical intelligence

So far we’ve featured what jobs you could excel in if you had strong musical, logical, visual, linguistic, and social intelligence! Last but not least, it’s time to talk careers that involve physical smarts.

As someone with a strong physical intelligence, you know your body well — and how to get it to do what you want it to.

Here are five careers you could take on with your physical smarts:


Ballet dancers
(Photo credit: Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters)

Dancers are like moving sculptures. Whether you’re a performer, a choreographer, or a dance teacher, you know how to convey a message with every part of your body. And, as a dancer, you know that it takes coordination, timing, and balance to get down to a sick beat.


Mike Holmes
(Photo credit: Alex Schuldtz / Canadian Press)

From distributing supplies to operating heavy machinery, you might enjoy a job that requires some heavy lifting — literally. As a builder / construction worker, you can your physical strength and endurance to put together large projects, from home renovations to highway extensions. And, hey, you might even get your own TV show out of it!


Sidney Crosby
(Photo credit: Rebecca Cook / Reuters)

It’s a long road to becoming a professional athlete, from the grassroots level to the big leagues. But with your physical intelligence, you could have the speed, strength, agility, or coordination to one day sign a hefty contract and lift a championship trophy over your head!


(Photo credit: Eric Thayer / Reuters)

There is no rescue mission too big or too small that doesn’t demand a firefighter’s physical intelligence. They need to know how to keep their bodies ready for the unexpected — whether it’s climbing twelve stories to save family from a burning building, or climbing up a tree to save a scared cat.


Jackie Chan
(Photo credit: Reuters)

If you like to take your physical intelligence to the extreme, then a job as a stunt artist maybe your calling. Stunt artists do the exhilarating work in movies and TV shows, from soaring across the screen in a flying high-kick, to speeding away from a huge explosion on a motorcycle.

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