Winner’s Blog: Anthony “iLLvibe” Craparotta is #CanadasSmartestRapper

My time spent on Canada's Smartest Person was possibly the most exhilarating (and tough!) experience of my life. And for someone who is always on the road touring, that is really saying something!

First of all, I was pit head-to-head against some seriously worthy competition. From a teen genius to a super-mom to a successful businessman — where is a rapper to begin when mounting a strategy to take them down? On paper, all three seemed likely to be a lot smarter than I am — I wonder how many of you guys counted me out from the jump?!

Answering the podium questions had my adrenaline rushing. I was surprised about how badly I wanted to get every question perfect — normally I am not too hard on myself, but I really felt the pressure to represent my people properly!

This was most evident during the Beat It challenge — a rapper has to know what he's doing when it comes to beats! I pride myself on this fact. I was most proud of my performance in the Physical/Logical challenge. I enjoyed having some extra time left over to dance, hype up the crowd and even do some karate.

Okay, it's time to discuss The Gauntlet. More importantly, the bricks. Most importantly, how I was maybe the sweatiest man in the history of TV. IT WAS HARD, YO! I remember screaming at the crowd, "We don’t ever give up!!!" But I actually wasn't so sure. When I finally completed that section, I felt like had only 1 percent of my energy left. Maya has no idea how close she was to passing me.

I'll be bringing that same energy and fun to the finale — so guaranteed, that will be one for the ages.

#CanadasSmartestRapper, over and out.

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