Snowy Montreal pile-up: How would you have outsmarted the chaos?

A snowy Monday morning in downtown Montreal made for an eventful display of chaos, despite every physical and logical effort to avoid it.

One by one, buses, cars, a police cruiser and even snow-clearing vehicles slid down Côte du Beaver Hall (Beaver Hall Hill) and collided with each other. Facebook user Willem Shepherd was watching from an office building and captured the pile-up on video, which has since become a viral sensation. Watch below:

City buses, police vehicle and salt truck collide on slippery roads (Video submitted by Willem Shepherd)

The scene is borderline mesmerizing. It’s as if these vehicles had become mere curling stones, and even the city’s best drivers had no choice but to allow their automobiles to slide and push into each other in slow motion.

It’s clear that a downhill road in slippery conditions like these demands extra attention to how our multiple intelligences can come into play and keep us from spinning out of control. Steering, calculating stopping distance, and keeping aware of all surroundings requires so much physical, logical, and spatial processing in such a short amount of time.

Week 5 winner Brittain Bancroft is a mechanic in Minto, N.B. His winter driving tips:

Mechanic here! Winter tires are your friend. There is NO all season tire that is safe in winter time and below freezing temps. Many vehicles have features such as ABS, traction control, and stabilitrac. If any of those lights are on in your dash, the system may not be working get it checked out! And finally, practice safe winter driving habits...give yourself more space between vehicles, more time to brake, and drive slower than you normally would.

How would you have fared on Beaver Hall Hill that morning? What would you have done differently, or what advice would you have given to the drivers to avoid all the snowy, slippery mayhem?

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