GIF roundup: Canada’s Smartest Person brings down the house

Four fun and fascinating participants threw down their smarts Sunday on Canada's Smartest Person, but it was their epic dance battle that stole the show. Here’s a roundup of the best moves and moments (in animated GIF form).

The night’s first challenge: Jedi Mind Tricks with Jeff Douglas.

Not really, but we have a feeling Mary would’ve owned it.

A new challenge called “Haiku You” gave the competitors the theme of “Happy Hour” to help them concoct the right mix of words (pun intended) and summon their inner Shakespeare. How’d you feel about that, George?

But, George, you won the challenge!

And you came in second in “Spaced Out.” Impressive!

Speaking of impressive, these pro dancers dazzled the participants and showed them how to score the big points in “Step Squad.”

So the participants took some time to learn the choreography. But then…

PLOT TWIST: They also had to improvise a solo routine. It was all too much for Jessi to handle.

But they brought down the house…

... All the way down…

And Jessi was loving every second of it:

But at the end of the night, there could only be one winner as Victoria launched herself into the finale.

Wasn’t that fun? We’ll have a brand new hour of smart this Sunday at 8 p.m. (8:30 N.T.). Join us, won’t you?

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