Meet the Charities: A $20,000 donation will be made to a charity of the winner’s choice

Canada's Smartest Person will soon be crowned!

The finalists will battle it out on Sunday, Dec. 18, but they're not only battling for the title.

New this season, a charitable donation of $20,000 will be made in the winner's name to a cause that's important to them. Read on to find out which charity each competitor is hoping to win for, and why. 

Josh Williams

Charity: Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada

"I chose The Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada because over the course of this past year, I've learned a lot about the organization and the importance of what it provides to kids across Canada. They are a critical resource for families and I get to witness the positive impact it has everyday.

I feel like everyone benefits from this organization. Tomorrow's leaders benefit from the opportunities given today at the clubs across Canada, and it generates a stronger society.  I know that I personally could have benefited from having a place like this, had I known about it as a young person."



Eric Yue

Charity: BC Cancer Foundation

"I chose BC Cancer Foundation because as I grow older, I'm finding more and more close friends and family...have been affected by cancer. It's my closest friends and family. It's YOUR closest friends and family. Find me someone who doesn't know someone directly deeply affected by cancer — because I can't.

At the same time, to know that people are beating cancer offers hope for those who are currently dealing with it. The foundation not only helps raise money to find a cure for cancer, but to offer support for the family members. There are so many forms of cancer affecting men and women, young and old. It doesn't discriminate and treatment can be as harsh as the diagnosis, sometimes worse. We are losing loved ones and I really hope that I can raise some money and help kick cancer’s butt for everyone."

Stephanie Harvey

Charity: Opération Enfant Soleil Les Enfants 

"I chose this charity because I am already supporting them through my Twitch Stream with the Extra Life for Children initiative. They are local to my community and help sick children get a better life.

Being generous to others is important and Opération Enfants Soleil is one of the many good causes one can support. Children are the future and they need us to help them in times of need and sickness."

Brittain Bancroft

Charity: Canadian Red Cross: Syrian Relief

"I chose the Canadian Red Cross Syrian Relief project because of the severity of the situation in Syria right now. As a dad, seeing pictures of children and families in distress sickens me. The people I see benefitting most from this donation are families like the ones I read about: people who would otherwise be facing starvation, perpetual war and even death.

People should donate because...we have a shared responsibility to others, whether they are next door or across the world."

Maria Samson

Charity: Right to Play International

"I chose Right to Play (RTP) because sport has done so much for shaping the person I am today. I've worked with Right to Play as an athlete ambassador since 2012 and have been lucky to talk to hundreds of kids about what sport has done to in my life and how RTP can do that for kids around the world.

RTP does work around the world and also closer to home, working in over 85 First Nation communities. The skills that children are learning develop their self-esteem, empowers them and enables them to become role models for their communities, their families and even other children."