5 careers you could dominate with your musical intelligence

So you’ve been playing the bonus challenges and testing yourself live each and every Sunday night and discovered, “Hey, I’m a regular Mozart!” You’ve even thought about quitting your job in an epic YouTube worthy fashion. So now what? You’re probably going to need another job. Here are the top five careers you could take on with your musical intelligence.


Do you remember playing three blind mice on your recorder in grade 5? You wouldn’t be able to skillfully craft that complex melody without the help of your music teacher. With your strong musical intelligence you might be a great fit in the school system mentoring young minds with the gift of music.


Taylor Swift is well known for writing songs all about her exes. With your newly discovered musical intelligence so could you! Grab your notebook, heart shaped pencil, shake it off and get to writing!


Always looking forward to taking your high notes from your traffic-jammed drive home to your hot shower? Maybe it's time you team up with that music teacher, polish your vocal skills, and land that multi-million-dollar record deal. Until then, upload some Adele covers to YouTube, gain thousands of followers, and let the world discover your singing talents... while they click on the ads around your face that could help you bring in some decent dough.


The music producer is the new pop star. Everyone and their cousin seem to be a music producer these days. But if you’ve got some strong musical intelligence this could be the best career move you could make. If you are a music producer and have a string of hit songs recorded by other artists you can bank some serious coin.

1) DJ

DJ's have been thrusted into the limelight and have taken on a celebrity status in recent years. Their musical intelligence allows them to create some incredible beats that get people up and moving. So as someone with strong musical smarts, becoming a DJ could make you world famous. But we suggest you maybe start small with weddings and bat mitzvahs.

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