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Heather didn't know she was Haida until she was 16. Now, she's returning to Haida Gwaii to join her clan and receive her Haida name. 

Heather Hatch always felt something was missing in her life.

When she turned 16, she discovered she was Haida. After visiting Haida Gwaii many times over the next twenty years, Heather realized she wanted to join her clan and receive her Haida name. 

Woman Who Returns follows her journey, from visiting the remote shores of her ancestors’ village to making a traditional Haida blanket with her Nuni. 

Credits (Click to expand)

Written and Directed by
Heather Hatch

Frederick Kroetsch, Kurt Spenrath

Director of Photography
Frederick Kroetsch

Adam Kidd

Drone Operator
David Cullen (Math Dave)

Associate Producer
Rebecca Campbell

Animation and Raven Art
Mark Feddes

Haida Artwork
Dolores Davis

Story Consultant
Kurt Spenrath

Special Thanks 

Dolores Davis
Brett Davis
Brian Smith
Barb Smith
Roy Jones
Robert Russ
Diane Brown
Jay Bellis
Sherri Dick
Ben Davidson

Terri-Lynn Davidson
Ally Pearson and Parks Canada,
Gwaii Hannas National Park Reserve,
National Marine Conservation Area Reserve,
And Haida Heritage Site
Haida Language Centre
Jags Beanstalk
The community of Skidegate and Masset
Randy Pryce with Haida Fishing Charters
Virginia (Sally) Wilson

Margeret Pelster
Ben Pelster
Jonathon Pelster
Hugh Kroetsch
Eugenia Kroetsch
Caley Suliak
Coty Savard
Chelsea Boida
Lesley Birchard