Wally’s World: Episode 1

Walter takes us back to his childhood in Paris, Ontario, where a complete stranger comes to the rescue and saves his life.
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Wally’s World: Episode 1

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Wally’s World is a mini documentary series featuring Walter Gretzky.

RUNTIME: 00:03:48

The Deephole

Walter tells us a story from his childhood. He’s 10 years-old, and he watches the neighborhood teenagers swinging off a rope into the river near his home. The water is off limits to him and the younger kids. When he gets a chance, Walter, alone, getd a hold of the rope and swings out, over the water. However, he does not know how to swim. When the rope stops swinging, young Walter is stuck, and eventually falls in. Suddenly, he’s pulled from the water and revived. A man who was watching on a nearby bridge witnessed the fall, ran down, jumped in fully dressed, and rescued him. Walter never really saw the man afterward, or got a chance to thank him. Last fall, Walter found out the man passed away, He went to the funeral and asked if he could say a few words. He told the story of how he saved his life, and without him, the Gretzky family would have none of what they have today.

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