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Walk Good is a stirring portrait of a grieving mother left to reconcile her life after each of her three children are murdered in three separate and unrelated shootings.

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Walk Good is an unflinching examination of every mother's worst nightmare — learning that her child has been killed. This is a nightmare that Carol Roache has endured three times, in three separate incidents, with each of her children.

As a single mother, Carol Roache understood the myriad of complex and deadly struggles that black youth face each day and she carefully prepared her children for the world that awaited them. She raised them to be respectful, intelligent and kind. Carol believed that her children were safe.

On March 20, 2002, Carol's daughter Crystal was shot and killed while sitting in her car in front of a nightclub. She was 18.

Nine months later, on Christmas Eve, Carol and her sons were bracing for their first holiday without Crystal. Later that evening, a police officer delivered the news that her son Yannick was shot and killed. He was also 18.

Twelve years later on October 30, 2014, Carol’s youngest and only living child Jamal was shot and killed. He was 26.

Walk Good is a darkly poetic, meandering journey into loss and the devastating effect that gun violence has on families. 

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Directed by
Karen Chapman

Produced by
Leslie Norville
Karen Chapman

Director of Photography
Catherine Lutes

Edited by
Tiffany Beaudin

Original Music by
Nicholas Murray
Dalton Higgins

Carol Roache

Radio Reporters
Paul De Courcy
Charlene McCallum
Dave McTeague

Associate Producer
Shana McCalla

Consulting Producer
Lisa Valencia-Svensson

Additional Photography
Peter Hadfield

Additional Editing
Lisa Schwartzman
Karen Chapman

Production Sound
Mary Wong

Production Assistant
Sarah Pidgeon

Animation & Graphics
Alana Salcer

Carol Roache Portrait
Sara Golish

Post Production Picture and Sound by
The Rolling Picture Company

Post Production Coordinator
Brandon Tobia

Digital Colourist
Drake Conrad

Online Editor
Greg Feir

Sound Editor and Mixer
David Hermiston

Archival Researcher
Laura Lucas

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Carol Roache
Teija Cole
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Femi Kash James
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