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“To be a Muslim doesn’t mean you can’t have a laugh at yourself.”

Shelina Merani is an artist, an activist and a mom. Now that her kids are old enough to take care of themselves, she’s turning her attention to the stage — and using stand up comedy to build bridges between communities and find common ground.

As a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf, Shelina boldly walks the line between finding her own voice and respecting the religious community. Watch Shelina take centre stage and shatter stereotypes about what people think it means to be a Muslim woman.

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Directed by: Zach Jama

Produced by: Cat Mills and Zach Jama

Featuring: Shelina Merani

Edited by: Lucius Dechausay

Director of Photography: Jorge Thielen Armand

Additional Cinematography: Val Volfson, Zach Jama

Sound Recordists: Laszlo Szijarto, Stephen Lorne, Jeff Chapman

Production Assistant: Vanessa Kammer

Post Production by: Urban Post Production

Insurance by: Front Row Insurance

Legal Service: Goldenberg Nahmias LLP

Music courtesy APM Music

Special Thanks: Cornelia Principe, Abdourahman Kahin Ariane Succar, Ysabel Jetté Khadija Haffajee, Arwa Ishak Audrey Saparno, André Villeneuve, Pierre Brault, The Acting Company, Greg Houston, Laurie Antonin

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Mélanie Lê Phan, Executive in Charge of Production

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The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

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