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1967. 10 Indigenous boys ran the Pan Am torch 800 km, from Minneapolis to the opening ceremonies in Winnipeg.

RUNTIME: 18:59

In 1967, Winnipeg hosted the fifth Pan American Games. 10 young Indigenous athletes from First Nations across Manitoba were selected to run the Pan Am torch from Minneapolis to Winnipeg — an 800 km, once-in-a-lifetime journey.

But just before the athletes arrived at the opening ceremonies, the torch was taken from them. It was handed to a non-Indigenous athlete, who carried the torch into the stadium.

The runners were sent to a diner across the street, where they watched the opening ceremonies on TV.

50 years later, the runners reunite at that same Winnipeg restaurant to share their memories, and to discuss the injustice and disappointment they faced at the end of their journey.

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Honouring the Front Runners who could not participate in the making of this film

Clifford Abraham
Henry Nazzie
Milton Mallette


Charlie Bittern
Patrick Bruyere
William (Bill) Chippeway
Dave Courchene Jr.
Fred Harper
William Merasty
Charlie Nelson

Erica Daniels

Executive Producer 
Erica Daniels

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Addison Sandy

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Paul James

Addison Sandy

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Simon Cottee 

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Addison Sandy
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Paul James

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Brandon McPherson
Faith Gore
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Terence Ruiz

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The Original Pancake House
Marlborough Hotel

The Broadway Neighbourhood Centr
William F Whyte

Reenactment Actor 
Keno Baptiste

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Erica Daniels

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Maggie Ziervogel
Addison Sandy

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Kim Wheeler

Faith Gore

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Bruce Little

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