Available on CBC Gem Nancy’s Pro Tips Once a month, Nancy Falaise closes the doors to her Montreal salon to lead workshops that teach young Black girls how to care for their natural hair. These tutorials feature her best hair care tips. More »
Available on CBC Gem Sakhi-Pitiyahte (Bright Light Comes Forth From It) Inspired by the landscapes of the Wolastoqey community of Neqotkuk (Tobique First Nation), this documentary captures the importance of nature, culture and storytelling during the COVID-19 pandemic. More »
Available on CBC Gem Until Further Notice With his industry on lockdown and no end in sight, Toronto chef Luke Donato tries to keep his culinary passion alive during the COVID-19 pandemic — even if it means teaching a group of misfits online. More »
Available on CBC Gem Becoming Nakuset As a small child, Nakuset was taken from her home in Thompson, Manitoba and adopted into a Jewish family in Montreal. The story of how she reclaimed her Indigenous identity, with help from her Bubby. More »
Available on CBC Gem Thirty Eight Minutes A snapshot into a brief moment in time when paradise was lost. A diverse set of characters re-enact and reflect on the spur of the moment decisions they made during Hawaii’s 2018 false missile alert. More »
Available on CBC Gem Recovery Two young adults relive the experience of surviving COVID-19. As they struggle to cope with the long, unknown recovery ahead, their conversations become a form of therapy. More »
Available on CBC Gem King Covid The pandemic from the coronavirus’s point of view. A tongue-in-cheek animation. More »
Available on CBC Gem Patient People Meet six new doctors who are working during COVID-19, a world that’s very different from what they expected when they graduated from med school in 2017. More »
Available on CBC Gem Life of a Dog A short film about motherhood, childhood and two dogs during lockdown. More »
Available on CBC Gem Tomomi on the Farm When Tomomi loses her job in Vancouver due to COVID-19, she and her husband move to his parents' elk farm in Saskatchewan in the middle of winter. More »