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Imagine opening a dusty box of personal archives and then watching the photos and documents magically come to life in vivid, cinematic fashion. This is the magical world of Love Letters from Everest, where the power of words—propelled by postmarks—overcomes time and distance to lay the foundation for a life-long romantic adventure.

In intimate yet captivating detail, filmmaker Celeste Koon unfolds the transatlantic love story of  her grandparents through the creative animation of paper ephemera—Kodachrome photos, newspaper clippings, maps—and, in particular, the handwritten letters they exchanged in 1956 during the first successful Swiss expedition to Mount Everest.

Barbara Battle, a quirky and vivacious British woman, was a young widow when she first met Fritz Müller, a Swiss PhD student, who had recently arrived at Montreal’s McGill University and needed help with his English. A rising star in the field of glaciology, Fritz was invited to join the Everest expedition and, after the climb, lived on the mountain for almost a year, studying its ice and land formations.

With humour and curiosity, Celeste explores and reflects on her grandparents’ lengthy daily letters, while everyday objects from their personal archives combine with stop-motion and other animation styles to create the lively, eye-catching backdrop against which their romance takes flight.