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King Lajoie delves into the kitsch universe of an Elvis Presley impersonator from a small Quebec town.

For more than 40 years, Gilles Elvis Lajoie has been shaping his life around his idol. He lives his life surrounded by an eccentric entourage of friends, fans and family who support his lifelong obsession with The King.

We talk with his parents, Frank and Louise, aged 89 and 90, who still live in his childhood home, as they recall the evolution of their son’s 40-year passion. We also meet his astrologer Thérèse (who believes that Lajoie and Presley have a similar cosmic trajectory), his limousine drivers, his endearing octogenarian secretary, and a young impersonator who follows his footsteps with admiration and competition…

Through the prism of these colourful characters, we are immersed in the story of Elvis Lajoie and his surprising fanaticism. We get to know a man who lives in true symbiosis with his idol, with whom he shares much more than a name.