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In the Shadow of the Pines is an animated short documentary about a difficult father-daughter relationship. Drawing on childhood memories, Anne Koizumi, the filmmaker, explores her upbringing with her Japanese immigrant dad, who was also the janitor at the elementary school she attended.

The film explores the idea of shame and how it can shape and define us while also concealing who we can truly become. 

Credits (Click to expand)

Written and Directed by
Anne Koizumi

Jérôme Bretéché
Anne Koizumi

Sets, puppets and props
Anne Koizumi

Compositing and Motion Graphics
Brandon Blommaert

Mikio Owaki
Anne Koizumi

Additional Voices
Adrian Portillo Cifuentes
Xavier Portillo Cifuentes

Original Music

Sound Design and Sound Mix
René Portillo Ruiz

Archival Footage from the film Fujita provided by
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Jérôme Bretéché
Anne Koizumi

Anne Koizumi

Assistant Editors
Annie Hardy
Jean-Philippe Gagnon

Post-Moderne Manager, Cinema and TV
Myriam Therrien

Online Colourist
Stéphanie Vaillancourt

Colour Grading Assistance
Guillaume Piché

Interviewees in the Film
Sae Koizumi
Yo Yanagizawa
Hayato Jack Nishi
Hideko Koizumi

Additional Interviews
Mary Koizumi
Peter Koizumi
Margaret Propp
Maki Koizumi
Kensuke Nishiura
Misawo Yamamoto
Masao Yamamoto
Naohiro Yamamoto

Maya Hey
Hideko Koizumi
Mikio Owaki
Rumi Takagi

Interviews Shot and Recorded by
David Fortin
Anne Koizumi

Graphic Design
Julien Charbonneau

Poster Art
Marigold Santos

Special Thanks
David Fortin, Marigold Santos, Jérôme Bretéché, Cam Woykin,
Kelly O’Brien, Motoi Koizumi, Rev. Dr. Y. Franklin Ishida, Paul Hoshizaki,
Christopher Johnstone, Mark Hamilton, Corus Hot Docs Diverse Voices, RIDM Talent Lab
The Koizumi Family

Dedicated to the memory of
Joe Kei Koizumi

Produced by
Anne Koizumi
Sahar Yousefi

Produced in Association with CBC
General Manager, Programming - Sally Catto
Executive Director, Unscripted Content - Jennifer Dettman
Senior Director, Documentary - Sandra Kleinfeld
Senior Director of Production, Unscripted Content - Alexandra Lane
Executive in Charge of Production, CBC Docs - Lesley Birchard