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Old dogs are celebrated in 10 short stories about love, loss and letting go.

As dogs get old, they can go blind, slow down or grow weak. But in their senior years, these faithful companions are more precious than ever to the people who care for them.

Hard choices loom when a dog nears the end. It’s never easy to say goodbye.

As these 10 true stories of love and friendship show, there’s nothing quite like the connection between a human and their beloved aging dog.

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In order or appearance:

Mango // Keiley Routledge
Guinness // Jacqueline Beall
Princy // Vanessa + Sebastien Crapsi
Fidel // Rick Simm + BJ Reyes
Ollie // Shayna Boyd
DeWolf // Leanne Crowe
Frida // Jennifer Scrutton
Daisy // Tamara Arnew
Dingo // Jack Warner
Jack // Slavko Rebic

Director & Producer - Sophy Romvari
Cinematographer - Devan Scott
Sound Designer - Will Ross
Edited by - Sophy Romvari + Will Ross
Colourist - Devan Scott
Sound Editor + Score - Will Ross
Production Assistant + B Camera Operator - Emma Lindsay
Production Manager - Leah CL
Assistant Editor - Jessica Johnson
Post Production Manager - Devan Scott
End Credits Music - Ben’s Imaginary Ben, Ben Romvari
Production Stills - Laura White
Poster + Title Design - Lola Landekic
Illustrator  - Chris Watton

Produced in Association with CBC
General Manager, Programming - Sally Catto
Executive Director, Unscripted Content - Jennifer Dettman
Senior Director, Documentary - Sandra Kleinfeld
Senior Director of Production, Unscripted Content - Alexandra Lane
Executive in Charge of Production, CBC Docs - Lesley Birchard

Special Thanks:
Calum Marsh, Paige Smith, Anja Citak-Scott, Kate Barris + Lucy

In Memory of Norman