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Hollie, like all other girls in her community, has some big decisions ahead of her. And the new responsibilities in her approaching adulthood are symbolized by the making of her first dress. This rite of passage for a young Mennonite girl is recounted by Hollie's mother Deborah, whose own mother helped her cut and sew her first dress at 15, as she describes their community’s traditions of dressmaking.

Through the story of Hollie's first dress, we see a Mennonite mother passing family values and community traditions to her daughter that will shape the decisions she must make in her future. Will she choose to be a wife and mother and remain in the community or forge her own path?

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Directed and written by
Annie Sakkab

Produced by
Annie Sakkab and Paul Lee

Director of Photography / Cinematographer
Annie Sakkab

Sound Recordist
Amanda Ann-Min Wongs

Additional Cinematography
Vanessa Tignanelli

Annie Sakkab

Hollie M.
Deborah M.
Ken M.
Taryn M.
Jasmin M.
Stephanie M.
Kimberly M.

Stabilizer Footage
Caitlin Bevington

Still Photographer
Annie Sakkab

Sound Design
Mark Shnuriwsky

Sound Mixing
Mike Palmer

Igor Petrov

Paul Lee
Edith Champagne

Production Insurance
Arthur J. Gallagher Canada Limited

Cheryl Grossman

Courtesy of APM Music
“Still Life”
“Snowflakes Catching the Light”
“Snowflakes and Snowballs”
“Positive Minimalist”
“Sun Rise”
"Bright and Minimal Texture”
“Melancholic Moment”

Hymn Performed by
Deborah M.
Hollie M.

Faithful Love

Hymn Written and Composed by
Ken Young

Special Thanks
Clare and Margaret Frey

Frock n Fabrics
Charlene M.
Stephanie M.
Kimberly M.

The Mennonite Story
Del Gingrich

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Elmer and Mary Brubacher

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Jack and Luma Sakkab
George And Rula Sakkab
Dima And Paolo Fontanive
Christine Hill
Heba Cook
Dominique Cardona
Laurie Colbert

Produced in Association with CBC
General Manager, Programming - Sally Catto
Executive Director, Unscripted Content - Jennifer Dettman
Senior Director, Documentary - Sandra Kleinfeld
Senior Director of Production, Unscripted Content - Alexandra Lane
Executive in Charge of Production, CBC Docs - Lesley Birchard

This film is dedicated to the memory of Sofian Hijjawi