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Three mixed-race women talk about their hybrid identities.

There are no clear guidelines on how to describe yourself as a mixed-race person in a world that wants people’s identities to fit neatly into boxes.

Being half one thing and half another can feel like you’re not enough of either — a confusing and unsettling place to navigate.

In His Nose, Her Eyes, Whose Face?, three mixed-race women talk about what it’s like to have  a hybrid identity, while their families share their opinions — sometimes supportive, sometimes contradictory.

Allie tells her unknowing parents that her Muslim and Jewish background meant double the racism from her peers. She explains how comedy became a means of coping with the confusion surrounding her identity.

Sapphira reflects on her lack of awareness about her own mixed identity, and talks about how she will raise her young mixed son differently.

Madi shares how her pride as a black woman was shattered when she went to university, while her parents disagree about how she should define herself.

His Nose, Her Eyes, Whose Face? is a conversation about who has the power to influence how you define yourself, when determining your identity is a deeply personal journey.

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Lisa Rideout

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