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86 year-old Thérèse wants to finally get her driver's license. But is she too old to learn how to drive?

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Thérèse has one big life regret — she never got her driver's license. Now she really wants to get behind the wheel. But is it a good idea to become a new driver at 86? In addition to her advanced age, there are other barriers standing between Thérèse and her license. Originally, from Quebec, she has limited English skills and only a grade eight education. To make matters worse, all of the tests in Alberta are run on computers and Thérèse doesn't even know how to turn one on.

But these challenges pale in comparison to Thérèse's biggest obstacle of all: her husband Yvon. Yvon has spent the last sixty-five years ruling their marriage and he really does not want to get into the passenger seat anytime soon. But Thérèse is determined. She says this must be the last thing she accomplishes on Earth. Helped by her granddaughter and filmmaker Dominique, Thérèse goes all in and works harder than she’s ever worked before in one, last, bold attempt to obtain her Alberta Class 5 Driver’s permit. Follow Thérèse on her bumpy road to independence — and if you don't like the way she drives, get off the sidewalk!

Credits (Click to expand)

Producer and Director
Dominique Keller

FACEBOOK:  dominique.keller1
TWITTER:  @kellerdom 
INSTAGRAM: domkeller

Visual Effects Supervisor
Mitch Barany

Story Editor
Richard O'Regan

Picture Editor
Kathryn Dickson


Camera Operators
Karen Brothers
Mitch Barany

Oilver Eid

Post Visual Effects
Mitch Barany
Moonhauzen Studio
White Board Animator D

Audio Post Production
Propeller Studios Inc., Calgary, Canada

Supervising Sound Editor
Frank Laratta

Sound Editors
Tyler Rambie
Jeff Roy

Matt Coffey
Tyler Rambie

Re-recording Mixer
Jeff Roy

Production Manager
Taylor Ross

Registries Direct Inc., Registry Depot
Edward A Singbeil, Glen Kyle, Annie Rupert and the Bridge Ladies
Denise Fournier and Wes Waddell, Wilma and Lawrence Barany
Lisa Fryklund, Smita Acharyya, Tyler Fraser, Nina Sudra,
Mike Peterson, Spencer Estabrooks, Colette Hubner, Andrea Pass, Brenda Liberman
Tyler Waage, Riaz Ishmail, Paul Mortimer

Produced in association with The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Made possible with support from:
Canada Council for the Arts Alberta Creative Development Funding  (and Canada Council logo)

Alberta Foundation for the Arts (and AFA logo)

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