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B.C. First Nations bring their best players to the All Native Basketball Tournament.

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For the last 50 years, First Nations from across B.C. have come together to battle on the basketball courts of the Pacific Northwest. But the All Native Basketball Tournament is more than a competition.

Nations don’t just bring their best basketball players — they bring their cultures as well. The tournament opens with a huge four-hour ceremony, where each team proudly dances into the gym to the sound of traditional drumming and song.

The crowds are raucous, the energy is infectious and the pride and sense of celebration is unparalleled. Events sell out and spectators who don’t even like basketball flock to the tournament for the culture, the food and the community.

Many First Nations have fully adopted basketball, to the point that it’s considered as much a part of their cultures as fishing, singing, hunting or dancing. The All Native Basketball Tournament inspires young Aboriginal players from all over B.C., producing many talented players who return to the tournament every year. Jacob Thom and Luke Robinson are superstar players for their home nations — and tournament legends.

Jacob Thom is Kitkatla player. He grew up a short boat ride from Prince Rupert (home of the tournament). Inspired by the tournament, he’s dedicated his life to basketball and “followed the rock” to many great successes. Luke Robinson hails from the Ahousaht Nation on the mid-west coast of Vancouver Island.

Follow The Rock reveals the beauty, excitement and energy of the tournament through Jacob and Luke’s eyes. It’s a celebration of Aboriginal talent and success, and the pride and fulfillment that comes with following one’s dreams.

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