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Canadian artist William Fisk risks everything for a chance at international success.

William Fisk paints big, breathtaking, photo-realist paintings of objects from the past: cameras, motorcycles, sewing machines, glasses and more, as long as the item evokes an era when things were meant to last. Fisk paints for six hours every day, no matter what, and each piece takes two to six months to complete. 

Until recently, Fisk was represented by one of Toronto’s most prominent art galleries — but when one of the world’s top art dealers expressed an interest in his work, his Canadian dealer dropped him. Now, Fisk needs to create a portfolio of new works to show the New York-based gallery, which will take a year. A year with no representation, no way to sell his paintings and no income.

Fisk has double-mortgaged his home and staked his family’s future on this risk. If the dealer takes him on, his career will reach a new level of international success; if not, he may face financial ruin.

Credits (Click to expand)

Written & Directed by
Alejandro Álvarez Cadilla

Produced by
Anne-Marie Gélinas

In order of appearance
Stephen Ranger
David Liss
Brenda Little
Aidan and Oliver Fisk
Joseph Boyden
Kevin Viner
Larry Wasser
Sharon London Liss
Jay Arnold

Cinematography and Sound Recording
Alejandro Álvarez Cadilla

Production Coordinator
Daniela Akerblom

Original Music
Njo Kong Kie

Editing by
Sophie Farkas-Bolla

Online Editor and Colorist
Philippe Carbonneau

Additional Editing
Enrique Careaga

Sound Mix
Michel Lambert

Post-Production Coordinator
Martin Lapointe

Technical Director
Simon Cliche

Assistant Editor
Philippe Rioux

Louis-Gabriel Pothier

VTR Operator
Simon Legault Beaudoin

Anne-Émanuelle Romanelli

Quality Control
Véronique Papillon

Special thanks to
Glenn Priestley
Marla Wasser
Dimitri Levanoff

No paintings were hurt during the making of this documentary.