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A Canadian painter risks everything to break into New York’s competitive art market.

Canadian painter William Fisk paints big, breathtaking, photorealist paintings of objects from the past. Fisk: The New York Opening picks up where Fisk: Untitled Portrait left off, following him as he risks everything to launch his first major vernissage — a showing of his best work, in one of the New York’s most prestigious galleries. Frank Bernaducci’s new Chelsea neighbourhood gallery will open with 12 of Fisk’s most recent works, valued at over $300,000. These paintings will be displayed for consideration by some of the most select collectors and museum curators in the world — a first for Fisk.

The exhibit is set to launch Fisk’s career into the stratosphere of the art world, but the opposite is also possible. “In New York, it’s better to be hated than to be ignored. That’s the death-knell of an artist’s career,” says Bernaducci. Collectors are subjective and no one knows why an artist’s work suddenly captures their imagination and interest.

Fisk has been preparing for this opening for two years: two years of painstaking work, enormous financial risks and personal sacrifices. Fisk’s success — or failure — could even have implications for other Canadian artists as well. He is just one of three Canadians that form part of Bernaducci’s select roster; success for Fisk could propel the careers of other emerging and mid-career painters from “up north.”

The risk is enormous for all involved, but Fisk has the most to lose.

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Written & Directed by

Alejandro Alvarez Cadilla

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Anne-Marie Gélinas


William Fisk

Frank Bernaducci

Brenda Little

Donald Kuspit


Alejandro Alvarez Cadilla

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Vladimir Rizun

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Diana Eliazov

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Daniela Akerblom

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Christine Denault

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Marie-Laurence Ouellet

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Francois Bonnelly 

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Emmanuel Barriteau

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