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This contemporary dance films transports the audience into the mind of Karenza, a dance instructor who suffers from bipolar disorder.

While mental illness is usually an internal struggle, views are led through Karenza's battle with mental illness when her manic, depressive and mixed cycle swings manifest themselves.

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Written and Directed by
Madison Thomas

Choreography by
Kayla Jeanson

Cinematography by
Andrew Luczenczyn


Alexandra Winters as Karenza
Warren McClelland as Manic
Amy Donnelly as Depression

Music Written by
Christy Taronno

Music Produced by
Justin Delorme and Mario Legasse

Casandra Brescacin and Matthew Van Ginkel

Party Background
Zaley Warentin, Aaron Paul, Rylaan Gimby, Saffron, Ryan Conner, Rebecca Paulding, Kayla Jeanson

Friends at the Door
Zaley Warkentin and Kayla Jeanson

Special Thanks
School of Contemporary Dancers
Winnipeg's Contemporary Dancers
Neil Exell