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Cormac hadn’t been to church in years, then they came back ... as a minister.

Cormac is a queer, trans, non-binary youth minister who works at an Anglican church in Toronto.

Cormac is creating a new narrative for queer people by setting an example of how religious organizations can reduce the trauma that young people experience when they come out to their communities.

Cormac shares their story of growing up in evangelical Christianity, where happy memories are quashed by the reality that Cormac was not welcome in the community when they expressed their queerness. After being forced to resign by a Christian organization when they came out, Cormac abandoned their faith.

After leaving religion, Cormac found love, which gave them an opportunity to step into their queer identity — and a lifelong partnership.

Many years later, Cormac saw a job posting for a youth minister focused on LGBTQ communities. Applying for a position with an Anglican church was a huge leap of faith. Cormac thought it was possible that they were setting themself up for a repeat of the trauma, homophobia and rejection they’d experienced in the past. But, intrigued by the idea of returning to the church in a way that accepted their queerness, Cormac applied and was offered the job.

Now an openly trans youth minister, Cormac is turning a church space into a LGBTQ2-supporting space, a wholly original and inclusive community for teens, especially queer-identifying teens.

We see vibrant youth drop-ins with dozens of teens enjoying themselves. We hear from atheist and queer-identifying young people who’ve found a home in what Cormac has created. We see Cormac’s impact on young people.

Cormac is creating a space that exists as a contrast to the community they grew up in.

Over the course of this documentary, we see the impact that a positive queer role model can have on youth and the strength of character it takes to create a safe space within a place that felt so hostile in the past.

Devout + Out is a documentary series about openly LGBTQ church leaders.

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