Devout + Out: A series about openly LGBTQ church leaders

After being rejected by the churches of their youth, they renewed their faith and are bringing new life and perspectives to Christianity in Canada.
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Devout + Out: A series about openly LGBTQ church leaders

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Devout + Out is a documentary series about openly LGBTQ individuals who have chosen to become or remain leaders in the church.

Each episode follows one person, documenting their journey as they navigate their sexuality, identity and faith, as well as their relationship with their churches and with God. These individuals are pushing boundaries, breaking barriers and challenging secular and religious expectations of what it means to live faithfully today.

Devout + Out: Pip

Episode 1 introduces us to Pip, an openly LGBTQ priest working in the Anglican Church in Toronto. Pip grew up in a conservative Christian family and went through multiple rounds of conversion therapy to “fix” his sexuality. In his 20s, he married his best friend Kris (a woman), and they had two children. After several years, Pip and Kris could no longer keep living a lie. They decided to divorce — and were excommunicated from their faith community. Today, Pip, Kris and their family have found a home in a new, inclusive faith community, where queer identities are included and celebrated. Watch now.

Devout + Out: Susan

Episode 2 features Susan, a Mohawk minister in The United Church of Canada living on the Six Nations of the Grand River territory with her wife, Tannis. Susan is navigating her identity as a First Nations LGBTQ minister, her family’s internalized racism and shame as residential school survivors, and the church’s shortcomings in its movement toward the inclusion of, and reconciliation with, Indigenous peoples. Just after her father passes away, Susan finds herself nominated for the position of Moderator of The United Church of Canada. Watch now.

Devout + Out: Cormac

Episode 3 tells the story of Cormac, a queer, trans, non-binary youth minister who was outcast by the church they attended as a teenager after coming out. Today, Cormac has found their way back to the church and is imagining a new future for young people — one where faith communities can be institutions of support, healing, exploring and discovering, instead of trauma. Watch now.