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An aging Montreal mystic brings his unique blend of spirituality and art to the streets of Manhattan.

RUNTIME: 00:19:15

In a tiny Montreal apartment, something strange is going on. Thousands of brightly coloured LED lights flash on and off, illuminating portraits of everyone from Frank Gehry to Anne Boleyn. On the few surfaces not covered by discarded electrical circuitry, pink bottles of “hooch” bubble away as they slowly ferment. Amidst the visual din, fantastical machines whir, hum and spin. At the centre of it all sits visionary artist Bill Anhang, hard at work on his latest creation.

Spurred on by visions of God, Einstein, and Mohammed, Bill has dedicated the last 40 years of his life to producing some of the strangest and most enigmatic art on the planet. Now, at 85, he is about to emerge from his relative obscurity as he heads to New York City for the first major gallery show of his career, an exhibition featuring his work at the prestigious American Folk Art Museum in Manhattan. Billsville follows Bill to New York as he prepares to “share a new light with mankind.”

Billsville is an intimate portrait of an idiosyncratic artist determined to create even as he grapples with his own mortality. Along the way, the film explores broader questions of aging, creativity, loneliness, and success.

Credits (Click to expand)

Directed by Maisie Jacobson

Produced by Joshua Eisen

Co-produced by Alison MacMillan

Written by - Joshua Eisen and Maisie Jacobson
Associate Producer - Maisie Jacobson
Director of Photography - John Palanca
Editor -  Haya Waseem
Assistant Director - Joshua Eisen
Sound Mixer (Montreal) - Kyle Stanfield
Sound Mixer (New York City) - Barbaros A. Kaynak
Still Photographer (Montreal) - Nate Mosseau
Still Photographer (New York City) - Lydie Gervais
Story Consultant - Ricardo Acosta
Assistant Editor - Alison MacMillan
Trailer Editor - Amanda Strachan
Sound Designer and Editor - Kieran Sherry
Score by - Matthew Bailey
Colour Correction - Clinton Homuth
Assistant Colourist - Yuri Cabrera
Title Design - Carrie Guss
Production Assistants (New York City)
Alex Phillipe Cohen
Bryn Robins McLeod

The filmmakers wish to thank all those who participated in the filming of this documentary:
Bill Anhang
George Anhang
Rabbi Ronnie Cahana
Congregants of the Chevra Kadisha B'Nai Jacob Synagogue
Tom Noakes and Lydie Gervais
Rabbi Asher Jacobson
Glen Luckock
Valerie Rousseau
The American Folk Art Museum
Donald Berman Maimonides Geriatric Centre


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Ben Brown
Scott Brown
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Ashley Duong
Jill Eisen
Avrum Jacobson
Christel Kleitsch
Alex Legrain
Karen Lindsay
Michael MacMillan
Bryn Robins McLeod
Charlotte Mickie
Nate Mosseau
Elly Popliger
Howard Popliger
Shirley Simand
Neil St Clair
Kirk Thompson
Karen Tsang
Kelsey White
Brian Wynn

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