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Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford are two-time world champion pairs skaters — but they’ve never won an Olympic gold. Battling age, injury and a devastating last season, this is their last chance.

Runtime: 10:02

Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford are Canadian skating legends. The two-time world pairs champions and seven-time national pairs champions have spent their careers pushing the limits of their sport, performing complicated elements that no other pairs skaters ever dared.

But as they enter the final year of their remarkable careers, there’s one milestone they’ve yet to achieve: a place at the top of an Olympic podium. Beyond the Limits follows their dramatic journey towards the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang.

After two world title wins, Duhamel and Radford’s path to the Olympics seemed paved with gold. But by late 2017, age and injury transformed the medal favourites into underdogs. Radford suffered a herniated disc following the 2017 world championships; he now lives with a pinched nerve in his back. “When I wake up and I start to entire body hurts,” he says. Duhamel is also dealing with back pain.

Beyond the Limits meets Duhamel and Radford at their lowest ebb, 10 months before the Olympics. “I wasn’t sure they were going on for another season,” says choreographer Julie Marcotte. But giving up is never in the cards for this duo.

“My focus is how to be a better skater every day,” says Duhamel. Even when their confidence is shattered, when every move hurts, they continue to push the boundaries of their sport.

Beyond the Limits follows Duhamel and Radford through the highs and lows of training as they do whatever it takes to make it to PyeongChang 2018.  They reveal the physical power and mental determination it takes to be a world-class athlete. But will it be enough to win them a spot on the podium?

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Written and Directed by    
Syril Tiar
Audric Cussigh

Produced by     
Sylvie Van Brabant
Amélie Lambert Bouchard
Katerine Giguère

Alexandre Lachance

Director of Photography  
Katerine Giguère

Additional Camera   
Audric Cussigh

Original Music    
Daniel Toussaint

Sound Recordists   
Mikhaïl-Amadeus Plante
Wilfrid Beaugendre
Sylvain Vary

Sound Conception and Mixer 
Daniel Toussaint

Technical Director and Colorist 
Théo Van Brabant

Skate Canada/TSN
Canadian Press
Associated Press

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Meagan Duhamel
Éric Radford
Ian Connolly
Luis Fenero
Kevin Geyson
Patrick Magee
Julie Marcotte
Bruno Marcotte

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