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The adult daughter of a former pastor who is imprisoned for child sexual abuse asks the question: "how do you love someone who has done terrible things?"

RUNTIME: 00:09:58

In 2002, Michael Skoor was convicted of 20+ counts of child sexual abuse, and sentenced to 29 years in a California state prison. That same year, director Chase Joynt met Michael’s daughter Rebekah while studying at UCLA. To Rebekah, Michael was an adoring, diligent, attentive and consistent father. As the local pastor of their San Diego Lutheran Church, he was well respected and well-liked, and news of his indiscretions sent insurmountable shockwaves through their family and community. The continued commitment of Rebekah and her family to Michael while incarcerated has subsequently inspired many years of conversation about violence, gender, prison and shame.

Between You and Me is a short documentary that follows Rebekah and Chase en route to visit Michael in prison. Cutting between home video footage of Michael provided by his family, and conversation between Chase and Rebekah in the car, Between You and Me asks many uncommon yet often considered questions: most vitally, how do you continue to love someone who has done terrible things?

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Director: Chase Joynt
Executive Producer: Lesley Birchard
Editor: Brooke Sebold
Cinematographer: Aubree Bernier-Clarke
Camera Operator: Ava Benjamin
Original Music: Becky Gebhardt
Sound Editor: Heather Kirby

Special thanks to:

The Skoor Family

Allyson Mitchell
Deirdre Logue
John Greyson
Brenda Longfellow
Hannah Dyer
Casey Mecija
Sarah Joynt
Lesley Birchard
Susan Baker
Terra Long
Mike Hoolboom
Naomi de Szegheo-Lang
Tama de Szegheo-Lang
Sharon Hayashi
Michael Hayashi
Beastlet "Beastie" Hayashi
Bryce Longton
Chelsey Lichtman
Kaleb Robertson
Kristen Schilt
York University Department of Cinema and Media Arts