Available on CBC Gem Rockin’ the Coffin A father’s COVID-19 coffin-building project provokes playful but serious family discussion about death. More »
Available on CBC Gem Lessons Injustice A father sets out on a car ride with his teenage son and reflects on the conversation he knows he will soon have to have: how to conduct himself as a young Black man in Canadian society. More »
Available on CBC Gem My Lucky Something Filmmaker Celeste Koon calls on Canadians across the internet to share the small things that bring them hope, comfort and confidence: their “lucky somethings.” More »
Available on CBC Gem Pandemic Elementary What if kids chose their own curriculum? In the first months of the Covid-19 pandemic, a British Columbia family tries out a radical version of homeschooling. More »
Available on CBC Gem Ru-Tsu Snowboarder and activist Tamo Campos explores his family’s Japanese heritage and deep love of nature through conversations with his famous grandfather, David Suzuki. More »
Available on CBC Gem KaYaMenTa Why don’t we talk about menopause? A sisterhood of Indigenous women gathers to rant, laugh and share their stories. More »
Available on CBC Gem Road to Roxham When the refugee crisis hit, American taxi driver Mary Ann started transporting asylum seekers to the Canadian border at Roxham Road. More »
Available on CBC Gem MerB’ys Newfoundlanders of varying bodies, identities, ethnicities, and experiences with masculinity come together to create something silly and meaningful in the 2020 MerB’ys Calendar. More »
Available on CBC Gem The Pilgrimage The Pilgrimage is a two-day women-only mindful motorcycle quest on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. More »
Available on CBC Gem Toad People Toad People showcases the stories of people who make up a community-led movement to save the western toad, a threatened species in British Columbia. More »
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