Available on CBC Gem Love, Leymo Leymo Mohammed, a young autistic Black man, reads a letter to his late mother, updating her on his struggles, achievements and dreams, as he comes to understand the world around him and his place in it. More »
Available on CBC Gem Finding Alaa A French man searches for a granddaughter he has never met, after his son is killed while carrying out an ISIS attack in Paris. More »
Available on CBC Gem Black Boys Skate Too Black skaters make a space and a culture for themselves, chasing their dreams and skateboarding for the love of it More »
Available on CBC Gem The Ketchup War This is the story of French’s versus Heinz and how the people of Leamington, Ont., (a.k.a. the Tomato Capital of Canada) got caught up in one of the country’s greatest food fights. More »
Available on CBC Gem Mi’kma’ki : Wo’gumal (Relative) In an effort to understand how the Beothuk were assimilated into Mi’kmaw communities for protection in the 1800’s, Sagamaw Mi’sel Joe embarks on a genetic research project. More »
Available on CBC Gem The Noodle Group These friends are in their 90s and they still swim in the local river every day. After all this time, they’ve realized that magic exists in the simple moments of everyday life. More »
Available on CBC Gem Glorious Holiday A Korean woman tries to change her life in 100 days while living in Vancouver on a working holiday visa More »
Available on CBC Gem L’essence des souvenirs: Itinéraire d’un apprenti parfumeur Abdulkader Fattouh, a young Syrian refugee living in France, pursues his lifelong dream of becoming a “nez”: a master perfumer. More »
Available on CBC Gem Hodan’s Story Tireless activist, journalist, and single mother of two, Hodan Nalayeh returns to her birth country of Somalia on a mission to spread light, in a world where many only see darkness. More »
Available on CBC Gem Bimibatoo-win: Where I Ran In 1967, Charlie Bittern was forced to run 80 km through a blizzard by a residential school principal. 55 years later, he’s embarking on the same journey — this time, surrounded by his family. More »
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