Zahra Moloo is a Kenyan-Canadian filmmaker and investigative journalist based in Montréal. Her work focuses on economic, environmental and social justice issues.

Previously, she worked for the humanitarian news agency IRIN (Integrated Regional Information Networks), where she covered East and Central Africa and later, as a freelance journalist where she covered Libya and the West Bank. Her written work and documentaries have appeared in Al Jazeera, BBC Focus on Africa, IPS News, AFP and Africa is a Country. For CCTV’s Faces of Africa program, she wrote and directed Franco, King of Rumba, a documentary about one of the DRC’s most famous musicians.

She also wrote and directed the documentary In the Shadow of a Gold Mine, an investigative portrait of a multinational gold mine in Tanzania and the small-scale miners who live in its shadow.

She directed the Nairobi episode of CBC’s Interrupt this Program, an International Emmy® Award nominated doc series on subversive art.

She was a jury member for the 2017 Festival du Nouveau Cinema, a fellow of the 2016 Hot Docs Diverse Voices Fellowship and the RIDM Talent Lab and a coordinator for a new African documentary organization.

She is currently working on a documentary about conservation in East and Central Africa. Zahra Moloo holds a BA History and Development Studies from McGill University and an MA in Broadcast Journalism from City University in London.