Wendell G. Collier
Wendell G. Collier

Wendell G. Collier is a media industry veteran with with over 15 years experience in the television & digital media landscape. With a background in narrative filmmaking, he is now a celebrated documentary director and cinematographer for television series on channels such as CBC, Discovery Canada and History Television. 

In addition, he has crafted broadcast and digital commercials for top brands, produced and directed branded web-series, including branded projects/series for Starbucks, NFL Canada, Kijiji and Sobeys.

Wendell continues to work in the realm of documentary as a director and cinematographer and is also venturing back into the world of narrative projects with a limited run series.

Wendell’s on-set production skill is equaled only by his ability to engage others in his projects by bringing his joy of storytelling to every project. As a producer, he is always looking for innovative and new creative approaches to the production design of each piece.

Wendell was born on the Southern Coast of Newfoundland in Bay d’Espoir and raised in Labrador & Northwestern Ontario, in a family of Mi’kmaq and English heritage. He is a member of Miawapukek First Nation and currently makes his home in the City of Toronto with his family.