filmmakers Marie-Philippe Gilbert Marie-Philippe Gilbert is an award-nominated director and series producer based out of Montreal. More »
filmmakers Pablo Aravena Pablo Aravena is interested in exploring the multiple dimensions of urban culture through fiction and documentary filmmaking. More »
filmmakers Étienne Côté-Paluck Étienne Côté-Paluck is an award winning journalist, photographer, filmmaker and tv/radio producer based partly in Haiti. More »
filmmakers Laurence Mathieu-Léger Laurence Mathieu-Léger is an award-winning producer, director, and editor, as well as a mother of three More »
filmmakers Léa Marinova Léa Marinova graduated with a double major in film production and anthropology from Concordia University. More »
filmmakers Nicole Bazuin Nicole Bazuin is a Toronto film director and interdisciplinary artist. More »
filmmakers Diana Dai A multi-award-winning documentary filmmaker, Diana Dai has received the prestigious Gemini Award and Golden Sheaf Award. More »
filmmakers Ian Mark Kimanje Ian started his career when he was 13 years old, writing and directing school and church plays back in Uganda. More »
filmmakers Sarain Fox Sarain Fox is a multifaceted artist and activist who comes from a long line of storytellers. More »
filmmakers Tara Barnes Tara Barnes is a settler ally with a passion for new media and content production. More »
filmmakers Elisa Paloschi Elisa Paloschi is a director, producer and cinematographer. More »
filmmakers Cailleah Scott-Grimes A perpetual asker of big questions, Cailleah has appeared on both sides of the camera. More »