filmmakers Elisa Paloschi More »
filmmakers Cailleah Scott-Grimes A perpetual asker of big questions, Cailleah has appeared on both sides of the camera. More »
filmmakers Karen Chapman Born to Guyanese parents, award-winning filmmaker Karen Chapman is committed to honing her craft as a storyteller. More »
filmmakers Celeste Koon Celeste Koon is a fun and adventurous filmmaker known for her creative mixed media style. More »
filmmakers Jamie Miller Jamie Miller is an emerging director/producer of documentary and narrative films. More »
filmmakers Lori Lozinski Lori Lozinski is an award-winning filmmaker based in Vancouver, B.C. More »
filmmakers Mike McKinlay Director of Photography of both commercial and documentary film making, Mike McKinlay has worked extensively in vérité, drama, historical, environmental awareness and wildlife production genres. More »
filmmakers Isabelle Groc Isabelle Groc is a writer, conservation photographer, children’s book author and documentary filmmaker, focusing on environmental science, conservation, endangered species, and the relationships between people and the natural world. More »
filmmakers Anne Koizumi Anne Koizumi's films have screened nationally and internationally at Annecy International Animation Festival, Slamdance, Animation Nation in Singapore, WNDX, and the Calgary International Film Festival. More »
filmmakers Rodrigo Iñiguez Becerril Rodrigo Iniguez Becerril is a Mexican cinematographer and editor. More »
filmmakers Prajwala Dixit Founder of India Sé Films Inc, her hope remains to use a variety of forms of storytelling, including film, to create a space for unheard, unseen and unspoken narratives in our midst while engaging with talent from the immigrant diaspora. More »
filmmakers Annie Sakkab Born and raised in Jordan, Annie Sakkab is a Palestinian-Canadian photojournalist and filmmaker based in Canada and the Middle East. More »
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