filmmakers Wendell G. Collier Wendell G. Collier is a media industry veteran with with over 15 years experience in the television & digital media landscape. More »
filmmakers Stephen Trivieri More »
filmmakers Yú Yú is an independent music video director, and film/video producer in Toronto. More »
filmmakers Maryam Remtulla Maryam Remtulla is a Canadian-based film producer and actress based in Toronto. More »
filmmakers Emily Pasternak Emily Pasternak is a 24-year-old Jewish filmmaker based in Toronto, Ontario. More »
filmmakers Erin Mussolum Erin has been actively working in the film and television industry for over 20 years. More »
filmmakers Danny Berish With close to 20 years experience working in film and television, Danny Berish is an award-winning film director. More »
filmmakers Tiffany Hsiung Tiffany Hsiung is a Peabody award-winning filmmaker based in Toronto, Canada. More »
filmmakers Sura Mallouh Sura Mallouh is a documentary filmmaker and cinematographer based in Toronto, ON. More »
filmmakers Karen Wong Karen Wong is focused on independent productions with creators who are at their most creative and passionate. More »
filmmakers Lulu Keating Award-winning Dawson City-based filmmaker Lulu Keating brings over 40 years of professional experience to the table. More »
filmmakers Corey Stanton Corey Stanton is an award-winning filmmaker based out of Toronto, Canada. More »
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