features Think you know what a 7th-generation Canadian family looks like? Think again. Cazhhmere is a proud Canadian. Her ancestors were among the first Black settlers to come to Canada — her family has spent hundreds of years weaving itself into the fabric of our nation. Despite this deep history, Cazhhmere is constantly questioned about where she is originally from. More »
features My parents packed Chinese food in my lunches. I pleaded with them to pack carrot sticks and Lunchables instead For Chinese Canadian Yú, packed lunches like steamed daikon and cheung fun highlighted how she was different More »
features When the Nazis murdered Faye Schulman’s family, she survived because she could use a camera While researching her own family history, Emily Pasternak discovered Schulman’s remarkable story More »
features ‘He was like a character from an old adventure novel’: The story of Algonquin Park’s last fishing guide The Last Guide' is a portrait of a man who dedicated his life to the outdoors More »
features Making a documentary about a dad on the other side of the world made me realize how much my father loved me Sometimes, dads show their love in unexpected ways More »
features In Iraq, I met a man who carried a mint plant with him wherever he went The surprising reason why fills me with hope every day More »
features For 76 years, this man made a living as a fishing guide in an iconic Canadian park 84 year old Frank Kuiack is Algonquin Park’s very last fishing guide More »
features I grew up on beef patties. I was shocked to find out that the Canadian government tried to rename them in 1985 An absurd part of Canadian history More »
features The story of Toronto’s bizarre 1985 ‘patty wars’: when the government tried to rename the beef patty The Canadian government claimed Jamaican patties did not match the technical definition of beef patty More »
features I was so ashamed my dad was the school janitor. How do I say sorry now that he’s gone? Self-taught animator Anne Koizumi spent over three years making the short 'In the Shadow of the Pines' More »
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