features How this artist’s dream — and art — ended up in a film, totally by accident KC Oster is a comic artist and illustrator, as well as an interpreter at a historic site. Those two worlds collided when they were asked to animate a segment of the the documentary 'Stories From The Land: Kay-Nah-Chi-Wah-Nung.' More »
features My grandparents met at a nudist club. I got naked to learn more about their lifestyle Danny Berish bares all in the documentary Nude to Me, now streaming on CBC Gem. More »
features What it takes to make a documentary during a pandemic COVID-19 didn't stop documentary filmmakers - but they did have to rethink everything about how they work. What one base camp looked like during the production of "Stories from the Land." More »
features How to make traditional corn soup This traditional corn soup recipe is knowledge that has been passed down through multiple generations of the Six Nations of the Grand River in Ontario. More »
features No freezer? No problem. How traditional fishermen use ice houses in 2021 Take a tour of a typical ice house near Rainy Lake, Ontario. More »
features ‘It’s like opening a bottle you’ve worked hard to close for a long time.’ Filmmaker Victoria Anderson-Gardner on making a documentary about the trauma of the Sixties Scoop More »
features Making a documentary about my dog and my family made the isolation of the pandemic so much easier More »
features ‘Everything that could go wrong did go wrong:’ on making a film about COVID-19 while recovering from COVID-19 More »
Read More Meet the ‘Toad People’ who defend the migration routes of young amphibians Toad People tells the true love story between people and toads and demonstrates that we have, in fact, a lot to learn from them. More »
Read More An Indian artist opened a condom factory in Newfoundland: I had to tell his story I heard about the story of an immigrant from India, opening a condom factory in the Goulds, Newfoundland, and my journalistic instincts tingled with happiness. More »
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