features ‘I miss my mom a lot’: A young man with autism writes a letter to his mother, a PSW who died of COVID-19 In the short film Love, Leymo, he tells his mom about his struggles and achievements since her passing More »
features He’s been searching for his granddaughter since 2015. He’s never met her and is not sure where she is Azdyne Amimour searches for his grandchild while trying to understand how his son became an ISIS extremist More »
features For 3 years, I followed a family searching for a grandchild they’ve never met Beyond the search for a missing child, this is also a family's search for redemption and reconciliation More »
features ‘People used to tell me, ‘You shouldn’t skate because you’re Black’’ Black members of Toronto’s skate community are making a space for themselves and building others up More »
features Inside the ketchup war: what happened after the Heinz factory closed in Leamington, Ont. How a viral Facebook post changed the way Canada feels about ketchup More »
features ‘If you have to grow old, this is the place to be.’ Friends in their 90s love life in their New Brunswick town Memories of growing up in Baie Verte, N.B., and returning home to a peaceful life are captured in new film More »
features 4 tips for surviving your first 100 days on a working holiday visa in Canada Documentary Glorious Holiday follows a young Korean woman as she adjusts to living and working in Vancouver More »
features He fled Syria and crossed the Mediterranean in an inflatable boat to pursue his dream of becoming a perfumer After the civil war in Syria, the path to becoming a “nez” became far more complicated for Abdulkader Fattouh More »
features ‘Don’t dim your light’: Life lessons I learned from the late Somali-Canadian journalist Hodan Nalayeh She was a tireless entrepreneur who dared to dream and highlighted positive stories from the Somali community More »
features Residential school survivor remembers the principal forcing him to run 80 km in a blizzard Running for hours was Charlie Bittern’s punishment in 1967. In 2022, he embarked on the same journey — this time to heal, surrounded by his family More »
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