Wreck Beach, British Columbia

Wreck Beach
James Loewen
Wreck Beach Preservation Society

With or without their bathing suits, hundreds of thousands of people visit Canada's first and largest clothing-optional beach each year.

This all-natural beach is 7.8 kilometers long and follows the coastline below a forested, 200-foot high, cliff system on the western tip of Vancouver.

Eagles, kingfishers, and escaped domestic birds like parrots, lovebirds, and magpies hover about – as do vendors selling everything a sunbather’s heart desires, from sunscreen for your sensitive bits, to empanadas, organic fruit juices, and buffalo burgers to stave off those west coast munchies! Ah, Wreck Beach…so near to the city, and yet so far!

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Geoff Soulsby

Wreck Beach is a part of the stunning West Coast with views of the urban and the wild, the ocean and the mountains.  Huge logs, the refugees of the logging industry, provide shelter and texture to the open sand. The people make this beach the ultimate Canadian wonder.  The vague aura of lawlessness that comes with public nudity brings out a camaraderie not found in the more Victorian beaches nearby.  The topless bathers are a nod to our European leanings, while the incredible non-sexuality of the situation celebrates the Englishness of our heritage.  The vendors of refreshments represent entrepreneurship, and the casual volunteers who collect beer and Coke cans symbolize our most ecologically sensitive tendencies. And the long climb up and down the cliff between the beach and university above reveals the most Canadian element of Wreck Beach.  People are willing to break the law and wander nude on the sand drinking beer and smoking … but only on a hidden and difficult beach...  It's the polite way.

Steve Kisby

The world renowned Wreck Beach (and Judy Williams, the person most responsible for keeping that beach and surrounding area the special and unique place it is).

James Loewen

I nominate Vancouver's Wreck Beach as the number one wonder of Canada. Millions of visitors from all over the world attest to the fact that Wreck Beach offers natural beauty, freedom, solace, inspiration, and delight to all who visit. Wreck Beach provides a stunning setting to commune with nature and her clothing optional status offers all human beings a unique chance to understand how they fit into the rich tapestry of humanity. Walking the length of Canada's most celebrated beach on a shimmering summer day surrounded by bodies of every size, shape, age, hue and gender, and then diving into the ocean, is certainly one of Canada's most exhilarating and memorable experiences!

Danny Rondo

…an amazing view of the Georgia straight and Vancouver Island, not to forget the amazing sunsets… feels far from civilisation but is only 30 minutes from downtown by transit!

Diana McIntosh

… A crazy and eclectic community of children, teens, adults and grandparents from all walks of life, that have found a very special place in their heart for Wreck Beach…

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