Trans-Canada Highway, Canada

Transcanada Highway

The Trans-Canada Highway is a federal-provincial highway system that joins all ten provinces of Canada. The system was officially opened in 1962, and was completed in 1971. The highway system is recognizable by its distinctive white-on-green maple leaf markers.

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Audio Nominations

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Mike Doyle

The Trans Canada Highway – I have driven most of it and am always in awe of the vastness of our country.

Lynn Murray

I'm reminded on a regular basis how essential that highway was and still is.  Thanks for bringing back memories for me as I have seen it from start to finish.

Bob Tredger

I would like to nominate the Trans Canada Highway because it links diverse geography, cultures, people and economies. What could have a more Canadian solution than here in the west where we have two Trans Canada highways, the northern Yellowhead route and the more southerly #1 route?  The Trans Canada Highway is a true Canadian wonder.

Billie Purcell

The highway was literally created by blasting through the mountains.  For those of us who have traveled this route, complete with the snow bridges and the scenic views, one feels it’s like literally traveling on the side of great mountains and no passengers dare look down.  When you consider that construction took place in the 1950s and 60s, before the advent of modern engineering and contruction technology and also, the complexity of the task, this truly is a Canadian wonder.

Julia Mackay

In order to appreciate the vastness and grandeur of our country, every Canadian should drive across the country on the Trans-Canada Highway. It is truly one of the great wonders of the place we call home.

Patricia McLary

I would like to nominate the drive on Highway 17 (Trans Canada Highway)
that goes from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario to Thunder Bay, Ontario.  This drive follows the north shore of the great freshwater sea we call lake Superior.

The beauty of this area is spectacular with its hills, trees and the huge expanse of the lake. there are places that give you feeling that you are going to drive right into the lake as you come down a hill.  No matter how many times I have traveled this highway, the breathtaking beauty reminds of how lucky we are to live Canada.

Brigitte Kropielnicki

Everytime I get the chance to drive to New Brunswick, I take the trans-Canada highway. One road, from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic! On this road, I get to meet small town and big city Canada. The people are great and everywhere I go on this road, I am HOME! What a great country I live in!

Josh Levac

Nothing has literally united Canada like the completion of this series of roads since MacDonald's dream of the railway.  Within most communities lays at least a small network of pavement that entwines all the wonders and beauty that can be seen in this country.  I realize that roads can not always be aesthetically pleasing but having had the chance to drive from coast to coast I can't think of anything else that truly unites this country as a whole, aside from Hockey.

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