Saugeen Shores Sunset, Ontario

Saugeen Shores Sunset

The people of Saugeen Shores, Lake Huron, wrote us in droves to tell us about the amazing sunsets in their neck of the woods. People in the area cite an old national geographic article as the reason there’s so much buzz about their sunsets. Upon closer investigation, no such article was ever proven to exist, but the sunsets speak for themselves. On summer evenings, locals and tourists end their day at Saugeen Shores with “ice cream and sunsets.” What could be more wonderful?

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Katie Planz

…No matter what the weather the glorious sunsets that follow are nothing less then fantastic.  People come from all over to relax on benches, or the sandy beach to appreciate them.

Roger Lebe

Having grown up with the amazing sunsets that Lake Huron provided us in Port Elgin (now Saugeen Shores), I would like to nominate them for one of the 7 Wonders of Canada. They have already been cited by National Geographic as being "the best in the world" and they rarely disappoint in their splendour. We used to go down to the beach every evening after supper and walk the crowded pier just to catch a glimpse of the spectacular show. Everyone should know about this!

Cheryl Beamish

We undoubtedly have the best sunsets in the world...year round!  There is nothing like watching the sun set over the frozen scenic landscape where the land meets Lake Huron or watching the magical colours of the sun setting slowly behind the majestic Chantry Island Lighthouse.  I have travelled the world and there is truly no place like home...watching sunsets in Saugeen Shores continues to fill my heart with contentment.  Whether I'm ending a fun filled day at the beach or just relaxing after an evening stroll along the boardwalk or pier, Saugeen Shores sunsets are the perfect end to a perfect day.  Saugeen Shores sunsets on Lake Huron, Ontario...1 of the "7 Wonders of Canada"!

Jose Santos

Where in Canada do you see a few hundred people going on a daily evening pilgrimage to watch brilliant reds, purples and oranges streak across the sky as the sun sets over Lake Huron? As the colours fade, those who have made it to our sandy beach are at awe with the beauty of mother nature's paintbrush. This occurs on a daily basis from early spring to late fall, except for those few cloudy days. If only I could charge 25 cents for each picture taken, I would be well off. It is a site to behold. But don't take my words; please come and visit us, you won't be disappointed.

Nancy Kelly

… we have some of the most spectacular sunsets in the world. There seems to be a tradition with our tourists and residents that we often get an ice cream cone and walk down to the beach to watch the sunset. It is very relaxing and the beauty and tranquility of the experience is something you never forget.What you do forget in that moment is your  nasty boss, your bills, your aches and pains....... Free therapy : A true wonder!

Mary Gascho

…Cannot begin to describe the dance and explosion of lights that come with the changing seasons and continuous fluctuating weather patterns.

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